Name: Ruby Lifetime Rank
Price: 25.00 USD

Gives you access to the Ruby Rank for the lifetime of the server with the following perks:

» Ruby Tag on Website
» Ruby Tag in-game (Tablist & Chat)
» Access to /hat
» Access to /wb (workbench)
» Access to /dis (multiple disguises)
» Access to /nv (free permanent night vision)
» Set up to 2 homes!
» Increased Gold payout when Voting!
» Ability to write colored and formatted text on signs
» Access to /deathcoords to see where you died
» Ability to mute vote broadcasts via /settings

» MCMMO Cooldowns are reduced by 1/4!
» Kits: Torches, Logs, Stone
» Access to 1 half-size player vault (/pv)

» An extra 18 slots for your vault

» Access to WorldEdit

You will also receive access to the following disguises (/dis):

» Zombie
» Cow
» Chicken
» Pig
» Sheep
» Horse