Name: Diamond Rank (1 Month)
Price: 25.00 USD

Gives you access to the Diamond Rank for 30 days with the following perks:
» Diamond Tag on Website
» Diamond Tag in-game (Tablist & Chat)
» 16 Repair Shards in /warp dialounge! (4 hour cooldown)
» Access to 3 player vaults (/pv)
» Set up to 8 Homes!
» Instantly level up to 30 on any class account! (/diamondlevel)
» Skip all quests up through Argent Plaza, but with no completion reward! (/diamondlevel)
» Ability to FLY within your town in the Towny World! (/tfly)
» Ability to FLY in the Nether and The End! (/fly)
» Boss Fast Travels! (/fast) Teleport straight to a boss' waiting room!
» Change Accounts on the Go! (/acc) Switch your class account anywhere!
» Increased Gold payout when Voting!
» AND more coming soon!
» Access to all of the Emerald Perks!

You will also receive access to the following kits (/kit):
» Logs (Stack)
» Wool (Stack)
» Monsters
» All of the Emerald Kits!

You will also receive access to the following disguises (/dis):

» Vex
» Vindicator
» Evoker
» Slime
» Magma Cube
» Witch
» Husk
» Guardian
» Illusioner
» Baby Ocelot, Wolf, Zombie, and Bunny
» All of the Emerald Disguises!

If you subscribe, this rank will renew every 30 days unless cancelled.