Name: Sapphire Lifetime Rank
Price: 50.00 USD

Gives you access to the Sapphire Rank for the lifetime of the server with the following perks:
» Sapphire Tag on Website
» Sapphire Tag in-game (Tablist & Chat)
» Access to /ptime
» Access to /nick (no colors)
» Receive a warning for low durability items!
» Set up to 3 homes!
» Increased Gold payout when Voting!
» A second quest account (starting at level 1)
» Access to all of the Ruby Perks!

» Access to 1 player vault (/pv)
» MCMMO Cooldowns are reduced by 1/3!
» Kits: Archer, Wool, Grass, Slime, Farmer

» An extra 18 slots for your Vault (on top of Ruby)

You will also receive access to the following disguises (/dis):
» Creeper
» Enderman
» Skeleton
» Spider