Name: Emerald Lifetime Rank
Price: 100.00 USD

Gives you access to the Emerald Rank for server lifetime with the following perks:
» Emerald Tag on Website
» Emerald Tag in-game (Tablist & Chat)
» Access to /feed (3 hour cooldown)
» Set up to 5 Homes!
» Increased Gold payout when Voting!
» Access to /kittycannon
» Exclusive access to the development server
» Be the first to see the latest features of MLMC!

» Access to all of the Sapphire Perks!

» MCMMO Cooldowns are reduced by 1/2!
» MCMMO 10% XP Boost!
» 8 Repair Shards in /warp lounge! (6 hour cooldown)
» Access to 2 player vaults (/pv)
» Kits: Animals, Mobs, Pets

» An extra 36 slots for your Vault (on top of Sapphire's)

You will also receive access to the following disguises (/dis):

» Bunny
» Wolf
» Donkey
» Snowman
» Villager
» Mooshroom
» Baby Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Mooshroom, and Pig