Name: Restore Inventory
Price: 10.00 USD

Died? Worry not! Our server's database has your inventory saved, and we can get it back for you! Upon purchasing this, mail Neoblade298 or another admin with the EXACT time you died, and in what world. We will get your items back to you when we find you online!

NOTE: Restore Inventory is TIME SENSITIVE! We only keep backups of your last 10 deaths, as well as backups of your last 10 world changes and last 10 logins and logouts. Whenever possible, do these 4 things as little as possible for the greatest chance of getting your items back.

NOTE: This may only be used to restore irretrievable items that were dropped on death.
- Your items were dropped into lava or onto cactus
- You died and your items disappeared before you could reach them
- Someone else possesses your items now
- The items are in a hopper or chest that you cannot access
- Your item broke (even if it broke as you died)